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TAD LED Design has been instrumental in Lighting the most recognizable signs across the country. It all started with the now iconic TORONTO Sign that was installed at City Hall’s Nathan Philips Square to commemorate the 2015 Pan Am and Para Pan Am games. With the astounding popularity of the TORONTO sign commissions soon followed including 15 CANADA 150 signs from coast to coast as well as commemorative signs for HAMILTON, MALTON and YYZ at Toronto Pearson Airport.

Click on the red icons below to see the signs across Canada. 

In The Studio

With over 40 year’s experience in the world of Broadcast Television, TAD LED Design through its parent company TAD Lighting Services Ltd and Senior Designer Adrian Goldberg, brings a wealth of Lighting knowledge to the Studio environment. As an instrumental part of the development of LED fixtures and accessories, numerous facilities have benefited from the meticulous professionalism TAD LED brings to a project. From illuminating entire studio sets to adding highlights to the trim and detail that surround an anchor position, TAD LED is leading in quality and professional installations.

Sportsnet NHL Studio

After several years Producing their nightly Hockey shows from Studio 41 at CBC, Rogers has moved its flagship Sportsnet Hockey set to the Rogers HQ. TADLED collaborated with set design company Artform to enhance their set with 3km of LED ribbon tape including the new RGBA 4 in 1 5060 chip product and 120 LED/m Variable White 2835 chip tape. Powered by MeanWell Fanless Drivers and 150 of the new TADLED variable PWM 5 and 12 channel DMX Decoders, Studio Lighting Designer James Downey is able to control every element of the set colour and intensity.

Months of painstaking work by the TADLED team of Seth Goldberg and Drew Rabbets has paid off in a truly outstanding broadcast facility. Check it out below. 

Olympic Studio Sets

The Vancouver 2010 Studio sets saw the first installation of LED Light fixtures used in a major Broadcast television event. With 6 studios at the International Broadcast Centre for the Canadian Olympic Broadcast Consortium as well as satellite Broadcast positions at Whistler and numerous venues around Vancouver, the quality of the newly designed LED Light fixtures was on display and laid the groundwork for a major change in Broadcast Lighting not seen since the introduction of Tungsten Halogen Lighting over 50 years previously.

By the time London 2012 came around, the products that form the foundation of TAD LED’s inventory was on full display and had been integrated into numerous sets and venues. Since then TAD LED has enhanced sets for CBC, BBC, AMC and other International Broadcasters over subsequent Olympic and Para Olympic Games as well as the Invictus Games. 


Please see below for all the products used in the CTV London Olympic set. Links to all products are available below the photo. 

TAD LED Olympic Set.png
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