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Let the world see you in the best light!


Check out the Sandi™  HERE . 


Sandi™ 1622 is a personal LED light for online meetings and much more. With its soft lens diffusion and adjustable color temperature, Sandi™ helps you look your best for that important online meeting, video, or event.

This Video Conferencing Key Light is specifically designed for Vloggers, bloggers, zoomers, telework, government officials, makeup artists, and theatre. The Sandi™ 1622 allows you to customize your lighting from warm white to cool white with simple adjustment knobs.


Key Features:

  • Bright at 1580 lumens
  • Adjustable intensity from 0 to 100%
  • Adjustable warm to cool color temperature from 2,700 to 6,000 K
  • High color rendering quality
  • High-quality light for soft skin tone        
  • Physical support for phone, tablet, and monitor
  • Monitor up to 24”


Simple to Use:

  • Sandi™ is powered using a USB-C power adapter (included). 
  • An extra USB Type-A connector allows you to connect a phone or tablet for charging and to maintain power through lengthy meetings.
  • Two dials allow full control of the Intensity and the color temperature.


Smooth Lighting:

With 110 degrees coverage from 3 different axis, the Sandi™ creates an even, soft, natural light, delivering beautiful skin-tones in a non-blinding environment.  



Sandi™ 1622 has two adjustment dials that allow you to control the intensity from 0 - 100%, and the color temperature from warm white to cool white (2,700 to 6,000 Kelvin). The light features Pulse Width Modulation that is so fast, the camera won’t see flicker. Power the Sandi with a USB-C connection (included).

Sandi Video Conference Key Light


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